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A garden of art


A garden in the middle of the former restricted area of the East German State Security as open space for art displaying  a cross-over of disciplines and positions from all over the world. 

The distinctive setting of the Kunstgarten offers unique ways to show and experience art. The open-air exhibition presents up to 100 works from multinational artists in two areas: the RED BLOCK PAVILION and the WHITE BLOCK  SERIES.

The patchwork of installations stands for the diversity of the Berlin art scene and focuses as well on the international audience as on the exchange with the residents of the surrounding apartment blocks. The garden will be made accessible to the public in terms of physical accessibility and without admission costs. The goal is to create a safe place for a free exchange of ideas with and about art.

The importance of art in public space and land art has increased significantly, especially with the emergence of the global pandemic. Art has always been too engaging to be confined between walls only. The Kunstgarten ties in with the long tradition of classic sculpture parks and transforms it into a contemporary form that can as such only be found in Berlin. For us, engagement with and in the local community is part of the natural cultural exchange and not a PR measure. We look forward to every neighbor and every international art collector. And we look forward to connecting them as well.



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